Tuition and ancillary fees

Tuition fees for postsecondary, graduate certificate and bachelor’s degree programs are set in accordance with the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) fee guidelines.

What are tuition and ancillary fees?

Tuition fees

Tuition fees are fees charged to students representing their contribution towards the operating and capital costs of the academic program delivery and general overhead for the institution. Tuition is the cost associated with delivering programs to students.

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Ancillary fees

Ancillary fees are fees charged over and above the cost of tuition, which support services and activities distinct from academic programming for the institution.

Full-time vs. part-time student status


Students are considered full-time in any semester when they are enrolled in at least 70 per cent of that semester’s course hours (which is usually 13 hours of a total of 18 hours per week) or 66.6 per cent of that semester’s program course load (which is typically four of a total of six courses). Exempt, audit and withdrawn courses are not considered in the determination of course load for full-time status but may result in full-time fees being assessed. Please check the “recommended courses by term” available on Banner to ensure you are not missing any required courses.

Note: Any missed course in any semester may drop a student’s status to part-time. This may have OSAP, course accessibility, immigration and scholarship implications. Courses picked up in subsequent terms may also have fee implications. Students are advised to contact the Office of the Registrar or the Financial Aid office for more information.

Part-time (credit)

Part-time students are permitted to register in credit courses provided space is available and the student meets program and course requirements. Typically, International students are not permitted to be registered part-time due to immigration regulations. Contact us for more information.

Credit course overload

Students may wish to take extra credit courses in addition to a full-time course load for a semester. The implications of this overload should be discussed with an Academic Advisor. Students will be required to pay additional fees for these overload courses.

International fees

International municipal tax

Fees are a municipal tax charged to all full-time international students. Fees are forwarded to the municipality that the student is registered in.

Full-time fee: $75.00 per year

International student recovery fee

Fees are applicable to all international students enrolled in a credential program at an Ontario college or university. Fees are forwarded to the provincial government.

Full-time fee: $375.00 per term

International insurance fee

All international students are provided with international insurance for protection and security. The fee is charged once per academic year.

Fall: $657.00
Winter: $437.40
Summer: $219.60

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