Business Management
Graduate Certificate

Graduates of this program will be prepared for exciting careers in the field of business. Students will develop the skills to research, analyze, and manage many aspects of business. Graduates will gain specialized career expertise, technical knowledge and skills, as well as practical experience that will enable them to start or further their specific career in business. Business skills obtained in this program will enhance graduate employability and the individual’s long-term opportunities for advancement.

General information

Program code
1 Year
Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Georgian@ILAC Toronto

Intake information

Start date
May 2022
January 2023
May 2023

Program fees

Semester 1
Semester 2
Approximate total program cost*: $17,807.99
*Total estimated cost. Course materials are additional and vary per semester.

Program highlights

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:
  1. implement business strategies that translate an organization’s vision into operational plans;
  2. interpret and apply financial information to determine risk, costbenefit and liability of projects and operations;
  3. develop and operationalize balanced performance measures that contribute to the successful implementation of strategic plans;
  4. analyze business data to inform strategies that improve customer relationships and promote lean operations;
  5. identify and present innovative solutions that help individuals and organizations become more agile and effective during change initiatives;
  6. . identify and implement leadership strategies to resolve conflict and improve individual and team performance in an organization;
  7. apply design thinking and adaptive reasoning techniques to solve problems and improve an organization’s operational performance;
  8. enhance active listening, written, oral, and presentation skills through interpersonal and technological applications in order to promote effective communication within an organization;
  9. identify and apply discipline-specific practices that contribute to the local and global community through social responsibility, economic commitment and environmental stewardship.

Career opportunities

Graduates can work in a broad range of domestic and international employment settings, including manufacturers, market research companies, educational institutions, retailers, insurance companies,
freight forwarders, brokerage houses, banks, financial institutions, common carriers, trade commissioners’ offices, government agencies, international business consulting firms, and other small and large businesses.

Admission requirements

Post-secondary diploma or degree, or equivalent


Semester 1
BMGT 1000
Advanced Business Processes (ODE)
BMGT 1001
Finance for Non-Financial Managers (ODE)
BMGT 1002
International Business (ODE)
BMGT 1003
Financial Analysis (ODE)
BMGT 1004
Current Issues in Business – Seminar 1 (ODE)
HRMN 1033
Economic Policy (ODE)
HRMN 1035
Training and Development (ODE)
Semester 2
BMGT 1005
Mathematical Models (ODE)
BMGT 1006
Market Research (ODE)
BMGT 1007
Entrepreneurship (ODE)
BMGT 1008
Statistical Analysis (ODE)
BMGT 1009
Marketing for Managers (ODE)
BMGT 1010
Business Case Analysis (ODE)
BMGT 1011
Current Issues in Business – Seminar 2 (ODE)

Professional designation

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