Global Business Management

This program is designed to prepare university and college graduates from a wide range of educational and cultural backgrounds to work as managers in international and domestic businesses of various size. Students develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to manage the human, physical, and financial resources associated with international trade. The first year covers fundamental business knowledge and skills, while more complex international situations and strategic areas are the focus of the second year. The course of study promotes teamwork and leadership skills, and enhances students’ capacity to work effectively in cross-cultural environments.

General Information

Program code
2 Years
Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Georgian@ILAC Toronto

Intake information

Start date
Winter 2024
Spring 2024
Fall 2024

Program fees

For fees please click here to visit the Georgian College fees page.

Program learning outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. Collect, process and interpret data used to support international business
  2. Develop, execute and analyze the results of a comprehensive global business plan which includes complete marketing, operations, financial and human resources strategies and tactics, taking into account the impact of various economic, legal, cultural, geographical, and political situations on international business
  3. Conduct business with diverse populations using culturally appropriate methods in compliance with relevant national and international law, legislation, policies, and regulations
  4. Assist in the importing and exporting functions of a business
  5. Plan, direct, execute and evaluate individual and team projects
  6. Implement strategies utilizing domestic and foreign government programs, policies, and agencies which facilitate international trade
  7. Apply financial knowledge and skill to the operation of an international business
  8. Apply leadership and teamwork skills establishing and maintaining working relationships with coworkers, supervisors, clients, customers and consumers
  9. Apply quality control and assurance programs to sourcing and supplying
  10. Apply the principles of business ethics and international corporate responsibility
  11. Develop new products and services consistent with evolving market needs
  12. Evaluate the viability of marketing a product or service in an international market or markets
  13. Develop personal professional development strategies and plans to enhance leadership and management skills
  14. Apply entrepreneurial strategies to maximize the effectiveness of international business initiatives
  15. Employ environmentally sustainable practices within the profession

Career opportunities

Graduates of this program are prepared for entry-level management positions in research, marketing, sales, project management, information management, supply chain, and finance. Graduates may work in a broad range of employment settings in all sectors of business and industry, in both domestic and international locations. Graduates may also use their entrepreneurial skills to open their own business or act as consultants.

Admission requirements

  • ILAC Pathway 3.2, or IELTS 6.5 with no band less than 6.0 (same for SDS program)
  • Duolingo (TOEFL, CAE and TOEIC): 130 score
  • Post-secondary diploma or degree, or equivalent; education or experience in a business setting is desirable.

For more information and complete admission requirements please contact your respective region’s Recruitment Manager.


Semester 1
GBMT 1000
Communications for Global Business Managers
GBMT 1001
Management Accounting and Finance
GBMT 1002
Managerial Economics
GBMT 1003
Business Statistics and Research Methods
GBMT 1004
Global Market Entry Strategies
GBMT 1005
World Geographies and Cultures
Semester 2
GBMT 1006
Operations Management
GBMT 1007
Project Management
GBMT 1008
Global Human Resource Management
GBMT 1009
Geopolitics of Trade and Development
GBMT 1010
International Financial Management
GBMT 1011
Global Market Research
Semester 3
GBMT 2000
Career Management for Global Leaders
GBMT 2001
International Corporate Responsibility
GBMT 2002
Innovation in the Global Marketplace
GBMT 2003
International Marketing Management and Sales
GBMT 2004
Global Supply Chain Management
GBMT 2005
Global Business Strategy 1
Semester 4
GBMT 2006
Global Management and Leadership
GBMT 2007
Management Information Systems for Global Business Operations
GBMT 2008
Global Business Strategy 2
GBMT 2009
Applied Project – Global Business Management

Professional designation

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