Human Resources management (co-op)

Lead people. Manage change. Learn the expertise required to achieve positive employer-employee relationships. Co-op placement included for hands-on experience.

General information

Program code
1 Year
Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Georgian@ILAC Toronto
Work Integrated Learning
1 Co-op Work Term

Intake information

Start date
Winter 2024
Spring 2024
Fall 2024

Program fees

For fees please click here to visit the Georgian College fees page.

Program learning outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. contribute to the development, implementation, and evaluation of employee recruitment, selection, and retention plans and processes;
  2. administer and contribute to the design and evaluation of the performance management program;
  3. develop, implement, and evaluate employee orientation, training, and development programs;
  4. facilitate and support effective employee and labour relations in both non-union and union environments;
  5. research and support the development and communication of the organization’s total compensation plan;
  6. collaborate with others, in the development, implementation, and evaluation of organizational health and safety policies and practices;
  7. research and analyze information needs and apply current and emerging information technologies to support the human resources function;
  8. develop, implement, and evaluate organizational development strategies aimed at promoting organizational effectiveness;
  9. present and evaluate communication messages and processes related to the human resources function of the organization;
  10. manage own professional development, and provide leadership to others in the achievement of ongoing competence in human resources professional practice;
  11. facilitate and communicate the human resources component of an organization’s business plan;
  12. conduct research, produce reports, and recommend changes in human resources practices;
  13. employ environmentally sustainable practices with business careers;
  14. examine the personal characteristics and circumstances associated with entrepreneurial success, from the perspective of an HR consultant or an HR employee providing HR services to entrepreneurs.

Career opportunities

Career opportunities are available in all sectors of the economy because every organization, whether private or not-for-profit, has a human resources function. Graduates from this program are equipped to administer human resource functions within various Canadian and international business and public sector environments. Graduates will be prepared to work within manufacturing, retail, banking and other financial institutions, medical facilities, government offices, human resource consulting firms, education and small business.

Admission requirements

  • ILAC Pathway 3.2, or IELTS 6.5 with no band less than 6.0 (same for SDS program)
  • Duolingo (TOEFL, CAE and TOEIC): 130 score
  • Post-secondary diploma or degree; three years of post-secondary education is recommended.
  • Completion of 3 years of a 4-year degree will also be considered.

For more information and complete admission requirements please contact your respective region’s Recruitment Manager.


Semester 1
HRMN 1007
Human Resources Management
HRMN 1009
Labour Economics
HRMN 1010
Employment Law
HRMN 1011
HRMN 1013
Organizational Behaviour
HRMN 1017
Recruitment and Selection
Semester 2
HRMN 1006
Occupational Health and Safety
HRMN 1008
Training and Development
HRMN 1014
Finance and Accounting
HRMN 1016
Human Resources Planning
HRMN 1022
Employee and Labour Relations
HRMN 1023
Human Resources Analytics
Co-op Work Term
COOP 1054
Human Resources Management Work Term
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