Summer 2022 program delivery

Our summer semester will offer a mix of in-person program delivery to meet required learning outcomes, as well as online delivery where appropriate and to accommodate students unable to travel to Canada due to the backlog of student study permit approvals.

Please use the program search tool on this page to find how your specific program will be delivered.

Please note, the delivery information on this page applies to full-time programs only

Before you search your program, we want to tell you about our delivery modes for the summer 2022 semester

The search tool will show classifications at a program level. You will receive course-level classifications when you register.

In person
Programs are fully in person and require students to attend campus.

Students learn remotely and are not required to come to campus. Online learning can be synchronous students meet with their professor for online classes at scheduled times or asynchronous students complete online learning modules on their own.

Some parts of the program or course are online and other parts are delivered in person. Students will need to come to campus for part of their program or course.

GC Flex
GC Flex gives students choice and flexibility. Using technology-enabled, purpose-designed learning spaces, professors deliver lectures and labs in the classroom and simultaneously online. Students can attend on campus, online at the same time or later, at their convenience.

Hybrid and online option
These programs will have some courses that provide an option for students to choose hybrid or online. This is different than GC Flex, as a student may not alternate between delivery methods during the semester, but will choose one delivery method, that fits their circumstances, for the duration of the semester

Program Delivery

Once you find out how your program will be delivered, refer to the What’s Next? section for more information on what to do next.

Please note, you may need to scroll to the right within the chart to view information in the adjacent columns. This tool is best accessed on a desktop.
Program Code
Program Name
Summer 2022
In-person & Online
Business Management
Summer 2022
Global Business Management
Summer 2022
In-person & Online
Human Resources Management (Co-op)
Summer 2022
Marketing Management
Summer 2022
Project Management
Summer 2022
In-person & Online

If you are joining us for the first time, or returning for your second semester, you will be given a choice of online and in-person classes.  You can make this selection when you register for your classes.

In order to select an on-site program, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You must already have a valid Study Permit
  • You must arrive to Toronto before the program start date (May 9th)

Work-integrated learning

Summer co-op work terms, and clinical and field placements

If you’re eligible and able to complete your work term, clinical placement or field placement this summer, you may proceed to do so as long as the workplace is permitted to be open by government and public health authorities.

Some program-specific modifications have been made to the way students achieve their work term, field, or clinical placement credit at this time. To find information about your program’s summer co-op, clinical placement, internship or field placement, please email for more information.

What’s Next

Course Registration

Summer registration opens April 5th.


Please note that students are required to purchase any additional resources required for their program. This may include textbooks, access to textbook support software (such as MindTap and Cengage), and some software licenses associated with your program. These resources are not included in your tuition cost – they are a separate investment. These resources will be essential for success in your program – failing to purchase these resources may result in a poor grade in the course as some assignments and tests may be delivered through the software.

Books, postsecondary programs:
$50 to $200 per textbook
*Each requires a textbook

Students in the Global Business Management Program:

As part of your program and tuition costs, you will be provided with an iPad tablet – this tablet will include six textbooks to be used in semester 2 and 3. However, you must still purchase the remainder of the required course resources (textbook, textbook software, etc.).

Learning Supports

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Covid-19 Updates

Find out what to expect on Campus on Campus Status update.

Please review the Student Health and Safety Portal for COVID-19 Student Safety Guide, COVID-19 Safety Plan, Vaccination policy.

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