Peer Mentors: What we do!

Our Peer Mentors are upper-year Georgian students who play a pivotal role in building community, a sense of belonging and connection at Georgian@ILAC, and empower students to flourish through their first-year experience at college and beyond.

Now more than ever, students are connecting with their peers for support, highlighting the incredible importance of building a strong foundation and sense of virtual community among students early in their academic journey.

Peer Mentors are Georgian@ILAC students who:

  • foster community and a sense of belonging on campus
  • build trusting and supportive relationships
  • facilitate peer-to-peer discussion and connection
  • role model student behavior and integrity
  • provide referrals and resources for students
  • promote leadership and professional development opportunities

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Peer Mentor Application - Summer 2022

Peer Mentors are upper year students committed to enhancing the personal, academic, social, and professional growth of our new students by establishing positive mentorship relationships in our campus community. Thank you for choosing to be a leader and become a Peer Mentor!

This application will close Friday, Jun 17th at 6 p.m. Only successful candidates will be contacted for an interview.  Please note pay scale is minimum wage of $15/hr, 20hrs/week max.

Please ensure you submit all aspects of the application: 

  1. Complete this application form 
  2. Submit your resume, unofficial transcript, and video recording the before the deadline stated above.  

Looking for a Peer Mentor?
Apply as a mentee!

As a mentee (first-year or new student), you will be matched with one of our awesome mentors who will support you through your transition to college, inform you of all the great services and supports Georgian@ILAC has to offer, and provide opportunities for you to connect with other peers!

Everyone needs peers throughout their academic journey at Georgian@ILAC. The first step is to recognize that you can really benefit from participating in this program!

Step 1: Recognize
By participating in this program, you have the opportunity to meet other peers, receive referrals from our student leaders to ensure you are accessing all of Georgian’s great resources, and feel better connected to the Georgian community.

Step 2: Apply
Complete the Mentee Application form!

Step 3: Match!
Your Mentor will be available to assist you with navigating the campus and the many services Georgian College has to offer. Your Mentor will be your guidepost for transitioning into college life, support peer to peer connections, and help you to join campus events and activities.

We cannot wait to meet you!

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