Ontario College Student Experience Survey

Are you a full-time student in your second semester of study or beyond?

If so, you’re eligible to complete the Ontario College Student Experience Survey (OCSES) survey which is an online survey and students can complete on their own time. You’ll be asked to provide input on your program of study, college services and the overall Georgian@ILAC Toronto learning environment. Georgian@ILAC Toronto wants you to have MORE say. The survey is conducted by Institutional Research and Strategic Insights. If you have questions about this survey, please email feedback@georgiancollege.ca

About the survey

  • the survey is administered three times a year: June, November and February
  • all information is confidential; you are provided with a unique survey link – please do not share with others. Responses will be reported in aggregate and anonymized
  • your invitation email will come from GeorgianCollege@qualtrics-research.com
  • it should take you approximately 10 minutes to complete; you can complete it on your computer, phone, tablet or other mobile device
  • it will include questions on your college experience in four areas:
    • teaching and learning quality;
    • program-related knowledge and skills;
    • work-integrated learning;
    • student services and resources; and
    • demographic questions.
  • to thank you for your time, students will be entered into a draw to win prizes. Specific details of the prizes are included in the email invitations.
  • in compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), Georgian@ILAC Toronto is providing a fully accessible online survey using Qualtrics, compatible with current screen readers and assistive technologies. Students may use assistive technologies/devices at their disposal to complete this survey. Students can contact the Accessibility team for assistance.

Who’s Listening

Deans, Associate Deans, and Specific Program Staff all take a keen interest in your feedback about your specific program.


Senior VP Operations

Dr. Chris Anstead

Dean of Business

Graduate satisfaction

Tell us how you’re doing!

Six months after you graduate and again two years later, you’ll be contacted by a research firm to comment on your career success and satisfaction as a Georgian@ILAC Toronto graduate:

  • this province-wide telephone survey of all college graduates is a quick way for you to provide us with an update on your status
  • the feedback you provide is entirely confidential
  • it’s important to ensure that your email address and telephone number are accurate in our records
  • the research firm will call you repeatedly until they have an opportunity to gather your feedback
  • though completing the survey is not mandatory, taking a few minutes to provide your input can help shape the future direction of the college – we hope you will participate!

As part of the graduate satisfaction survey, you’ll be asked for permission to contact your direct supervisor for the Employer Satisfaction survey. The purpose of the survey is to assess the performance of the college – not your performance. Your employer will not be contacted without your consent.

Employer satisfaction

If you recently hired a Georgian@ILAC Toronto graduate, you may receive a call from an independent research firm to gauge how well you feel the college has prepared the graduate to meet your needs as an employer. You’ll be asked to comment on the graduate’s abilities as well as to suggest what new skills are expected from today’s graduates:

  • the feedback you provide is critical in helping us to ensure we’re preparing our students today for the jobs of tomorrow
  • all information gathered is confidential

Thank you for your continued support of Georgian@ILAC Toronto students and our programs!

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