Health insurance

As an international student, health insurance is mandatory to attend any programs at Georgian@ILAC and is valid all over the world (excluding your country of origin).

You must be registered into courses in an academic semester or registered for a work term/co-op term in Banner (Georgian@ILAC’s student information system) for health insurance coverage to begin for that term.

COVID-19 health insurance coverage

For COVID-19 coverage information, please visit the website.

If you are planning to arrive in Canada earlier than the insurance coverage date, you must purchase an appropriate insurance plan to cover any medical expenses from the day you arrive. To purchase early arrival health insurance at a discounted rate, visit the website. International Insurance

Insurance is provided through a company called International Insurance. This insurance coverage is for emergency health conditions and anything new (flu, sore throat, rash, etc.) that starts after your insurance coverage begins (the plan does not cover pre-existing conditions).

If you do not register into courses in an academic semester or do not register for a work-term/co-op term in Banner, you will not be covered by health insurance. If you are out of the normal program progression, you may have to pay additional health insurance fees. It is your responsibility to ensure you have health insurance while in Canada by checking with the International Centre.

It is important that you download the insurance card once you receive it in your college student email ( Failure to bring your insurance card when visiting the medical facility could result in having to pay for your medical expenses out of your pocket.

Insurance coverage dates

English Language Studies (EAPC and ESLG)
Insurance start date
Insurance end date
May 1, 2021
Aug. 31, 2021
Summer, part B
June 29, 2021
Aug. 31, 2021
Postsecondary students
Insurance start date
Insurance end date
Sept. 1, 2021
Aug. 31, 2022
Jan. 1, 2022
Aug. 31, 2022
May 1, 2022
Aug. 31, 2022
Sept. 1, 2022
Aug. 31, 2023

What’s included in your plan

As an international student enrolled in a postsecondary program at Georgian@ILAC, you have insurance coverage from and a health and dental plan from Georgian College Students’ Association/mystudentplan. International Insurance
This insurance coverage is for emergency health conditions and anything new (flu, sore throat, rash, etc.) that starts after your insurance coverage begins. The plan does not cover pre-existing conditions.
  • hospital and walk-in clinic visits
  • x-rays and lab testing
  • physician/surgeon
  • psychiatric hospitalization
  • psychotherapy
  • eye exams
  • paramedic services
  • physiotherapy/speech therapy
  • private nursing
  • ambulance
  • prescription drugs
  • dental – accidental injury
  • dental – emergency
  • medical equipment and supplies
  • accessibility
  • immunization
  • maternity
  • family transportation
  • air evacuation/return home
  • trauma counseling

Check your student email for your benefits card (often found in your junk mail folder).

You also have the option of purchasing insurance for your dependents.

GCSA mystudentplan
This health and dental plan is for most non-emergency health and dental needs (dental check-up, physiotherapy, massage therapy, etc.).
  • physiotherapist
  • speech therapist
  • psychologist/social worker
  • registered massage and athletic therapist
  • (above services require a doctor’s note)
  • chiropractor
  • naturopath
  • vision
  • orthopedics
  • annual exams
  • recall exams
  • diagnostic
  • preventative
  • minor restorative
  • extractions
  • oral surgery
  • endodontic
  • periodontic
  • major restorative

EAP students do not have this coverage.

You also have the option of purchasing health and dental coverage for your dependents.

For details, contact

Additional student support

Through, international students have access to great resources including mobileDOCTOR and keep.meSAFE.


If you have a medical concern that isn’t urgent and is not an emergency, mobileDOCTOR lets you connect with a doctor from the comfort of your home through a mobile device or computer without going to the clinic

Available anytime, anywhere through your computer or mobile device, mobile doctors can provide advice, diagnosis and prescriptions online.  

Treatment can be provided for asthma, cold and flu, cough, ear ache, hives, infection, migraine, pink eye, sinus infection, sore throat, urinary tract infection, vomiting, diarrhea and many more. 

Sign up for MobileDOCTOR online. You will need your policy number.

  • Keep.meSAFE offers free service in your preferred language for help with many things including; stress, anxiety, feeling alone, culture shock, feeling homesick and more. 
  • It is a safe and confidential service that you can access for FREE at any time of the day or night from your mobile device or computer. 
  • Watch the video to see how it works. 
  • Download the My SSP app from the Apple Store.
  • Download the My SSP app from the Google Play Store.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

If you arrive before the insurance start date, it is important that you purchase your own health insurance from the date of arrival in Canada up to the insurance start date. Please visit International Insurance to apply for insurance coverage for additional days.

Dependents (spouses and children) of registered students are able to purchase health insurance through at a discounted rate. Visit the and click on “Dependents” to proceed. You will need your policy number to purchase insurance for dependents.

If you need to access medical facilities for your dependents while you are waiting for your insurance card, you are encouraged to do so. You will have to pay for the expense upfront, and make sure you keep the receipt and related notes of these visits.

Important: One you receive your policy number, you have until the end of the month to add your dependents to be able to back-date your insurance. Here are the deadlines to add your dependents to allow back-date:

  • Fall: Sept. 30
  • Winter: Jan. 31
  • Summer: May 31

You will receive an email to your Georgian College email account after the add/drop period in your first semester at Georgian*. Be sure to check your spam or junk folder. The email will include an electronic PDF version of your insurance card. You will not receive a physical card, so you must print the card on your own.

Keep the ID card with you in your wallet for proof of health insurance coverage. You will also receive a temporary password you can use to log in your account at the website to allow you access to your ID card and view the status of any claims.

Once you are registered into courses in an academic semester or you are registered for a work term/co-op term in Banner, your coverage for health insurance will begin for that term. Even though you receive your card after the start of your first semester, you are covered from the first day of your first month. If you need to seek medical care before you receive your card, make sure you are familiar with what is covered. Keep all of your receipts so that you may submit your claim online once you receive your card.

If you still cannot find your policy information a week after add/drop, please email or visit your Segal International Centre on campus.

* EAP students will receive a new health card at the start of each semester.

In most cases, you will receive them in your student email after add/drop date. If you do not receive the insurance card by the end of the week after add/drop, please contact us at

If you are on a co-op term, the timing will be different.

Yes. All registered international students at Georgian College are required to have insurance. As long as you are registered on Banner, you will be insured. This means although you do not pay tuition fee in co-op semester, you will have to pay for the insurance fee.

Expect a charge on your Banner account once you register for your co-op. This could mean that if you register late, even if it is after add/drop, you can have health insurance charge on your Banner account at that point. When you are on co-op, you will have until the next course registration to pay off your balance.

If you do not receive an email from with your health insurance card, check to make sure you are registered on Banner. If you are registered in courses or co-op/work term and don’t have a health insurance card, please drop by the Segal International Centre (C279) and let us know. If you are not registered in courses or co-op/work term, please register on Banner or visit the Office of the Registrar. Don’t forget to check your spam or junk email folders for the email.

To find the clinic closest to your home, visit Once you fill in your address, it will give you a list of the closest clinics. The clinics listed are all direct billing locations.

You can still visit a clinic that isn’t on the list but you will have to pay for the service up front.

If you visit the doctor’s office without your card or visit a health facility that does not provide direct billing, you will be asked to pay up front for your medical expenses. Keep your receipt so you can make a claim with and be refunded. health insurance is mandatory for all international students who are registered for courses or a co-op/work term in Banner. That means that if you’re currently in courses or on a co-op/work term, you can’t opt-out, and this includes students with OHIP coverage.

Get more information on GCSA insurance coverage. This coverage applies to postsecondary students in a full-time diploma, degree, or certificate program.

If the coverage date on your card is expiring and you will be coming back to study at Georgian College, you can purchase health insurance for the gap between programs. Visit and follow the steps for “gap student.”

Please refer to the coverage dates above to be sure that you don’t purchase health insurance for longer then you need.

  • Dermatologist: To visit a dermatologist, you will likely have to be referred by a doctor which means you will need to visit the doctor’s office first. Remember, doesn’t cover any pre-existing conditions (including acne).
    If you are unsure whether your dermatologist visit will be covered, email
  • Dentist: International Insurance will only cover a visit to a dentist if it’s an emergency or immediate relief of pain or suffering. If you are a postsecondary student, you may be eligible under mystudent plan.
  • Eye doctor: You will be covered for one non-emergency eye exam per year up to a maximum of $120. There is no insurance coverage for contacts or glasses.
  • Immunizations: You will be covered up to $150 for program/course required immunizations. Any immunizations that are not required for your program/course will not be covered.
  • If you are unsure what us covered by, contact the claims department at 1.888.756.8428 or email
  • Your insurance is valid until the expiry date, even after your graduation.

    It is strongly recommended to extend your insurance if you are not going to have any other insurance coverage.

    In order to be covered under Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), you will need the physical copy of your Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). Because of this, it may be a while before you will be eligible for OHIP coverage. For more information, check the OHIP eligibility and read the PGWP processing times.

    You must extend your insurance within 30 days from the expiry of your current policy. You can purchase up to maximum of six months. Please visit and click on “Grad student” to purchase the insurance.

  • If you officially withdraw from the college (or transfer to another institution) after the add/drop deadline, your health insurance coverage will not be terminated and fees will not be refunded. Your health insurance will expire on the date indicated on your health card.

  • If you do not register into courses in an academic semester or do not register for a work-term/co-op term in Banner, you will not be covered by health insurance. It is your responsibility to ensure you have health insurance while in Canada by checking with the International Centre. If you are out of the normal program progression, it is your responsibility to ensure you have health insurance by checking with the International Centre. You may have to pay additional health insurance fees due to your irregular program progression.

Students can be charged insurance in more than one semester, in an academic year, due to program changes, progression changes/being out of sequence or co-op registration.

This additional charge will be removed from your account by the following dates;

  • Winter 2021: Jan. 29
  • Summer 2021: May 21

If the charge has not been removed, please contact

Health and Dental plan

Health and dental plans were approved by student referendum and as a result are now a requirement of your enrolment at Georgian College through your membership in the Georgian College Students’ Association (GCSA). The plans provide protection and security for eligible students, minimizing the effects of injury or ailments. The cost of the plans is included in your institutional fees provided you meet the eligibility enrolment criteria.

Eligibility criteria

  • you are registered as a full-time student with a minimum of four courses per term
  • you meet the full-time criteria for your program
  • you are residing in Canada
  • you are under the age of 70
  • students in apprenticeship programs are insured against accidental benefits only (see accident benefit brochure)
  • students with a disability:
    • students taking a part-time course load but are considered full-time by the institution may be eligible to opt in to the student health and dental plans – please contact the GCSA Student Benefits Plan office for further details prior to the applicable deadline for your semester period of enrolment

If you are unsure about whether or not you are eligible for the student health and dental plans, please contact a Benefits Plan office prior to any applicable deadlines.

  • Summer 2021: $138.75 (for four-month coverage period)

*Returning fall co-op students and other eligible programs in the winter semester will be assessed $220 (as the coverage started in the fall).

Eligible claims can be submitted to Canada Life one of three ways:

  • Online at Canada Life
  • Mobile app: download from your mobile app store
  • Mail: London Benefit Payments, 255 Dufferin Ave., London, ON N6A 4K1
  • download your benefit card – you may print or email the card (the card will NOT be mailed)
  • new eligible students will be added to the plan in the first 45 to 60 days of the semester (approximate) – please keep your receipts for eligible expenses incurred during this time period for submission to the insurance carrier upon completion of the enrolment process
  • returning eligible students may continue to access the plan without disruption by using their benefit card or by submitting reimbursement claims directly to the insurance carrier
  • simply present your benefits card at eligible services and ask if they can bill directly to the insurance company – if they are unable to, pay out of pocket and submit eligible receipts online for reimbursement at Canada Life
  • you must have comparable alternative extended health and dental coverage to opt-out of the plan
  • should you choose to waive your student coverage, you can do so online by completing the one-time opt-out form during your enrollment semester
    • to opt out, please see instructions
    • sorry, we cannot make exceptions or extensions for students who fail to complete the online opt-out prior to the application deadline
  • no – your opt-out will carry forward as long as you haven’t had any interruptions in your full-time academics or missed co-op registrations on Banner
  • this is a one-time opt-out
  • should you choose to opt out of the plan(s), your opt-out information will carry forward as long as you remain an eligible student at Georgian College
  • you may confirm your opt-out status prior to the applicable deadline by contacting your campus Benefits Plan office
  • yes – you have one opportunity each year (during your enrollment semester) to purchase family coverage for your spouse and/or dependent(s)
  • complete the online family add-on request form before the deadline and pay the associated additional fee
  • applicable deadlines:
    • May intake deadline is May 30

More information can be found here.

The list of fees and the family add-on form can be found here.

All waivers and family add-on application forms must be received by the applicable deadline. Sorry, we cannot make exceptions.

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