Update for Fall 2021 classes

We continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on international travel.  While Georgian@ILAC remains committed to providing the best education experience for our students, we recognize that many of our students are experiencing difficulty in arranging travel to Canada. This is true for our current students as well as students just starting their programs with us.

We value onsite learning and will try to implement it as soon as possible, however until everyone enrolled in a class arrives in Canada, we need to accommodate both online and onsite students.

In September Georgian@ILAC programs will be delivered as follows:

  • All mandatory elements of courses will be delivered online (including lectures, discussions, assignments, and tests);
  • Onsite learning activities will be optional, but encouraged for students who are able to attend;
  • For students in Canada, we will arrange for some extracurricular academic and social events on campus.

This approach means that students who are not in Canada will still be able to participate in the full course. We will also allow local students to skip in-person activities if they are uncomfortable coming to campus.

Students who attend on-site activities will follow the same policy as other ILAC students. This requires students, faculty, and staff to be fully vaccinated, or take a rapid COVID-19 test each week. Georgian@ILAC students will be able to obtain free test kits from student services (please arrange to pick up your test kits in advance).

We will review this approach at the mid-point of the term, and see if we can increase the proportion of onsite learning.  In particular, if there are enough local students in a particular program to set up independent on-site sections, we will implement that approach for the remainder of the term.

Thank you for your understanding, we look forward to welcoming you to our Fall classes.

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