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Visionaries in the field of education are integral to the growth and development of students around the world. Meet the talented leaders behind the partnership between Georgian College and the International Language Academy of Canada.

Jonathan Kolber


Feroz Ali


Milan Petrovich

VP Academic

Magdalena Link

VP External Development

Dr. Chris Anstead

Dean of Business

Rafael Ortiz



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Anthony Araujo

BTech, PMP
I have more than 15 years professional industry experience as a project manager, engineer and entrepreneur.

Sanjay Dhebar

MBA, Marketing
I am an experienced post-secondary educator in MBA programs and an author, with a background in sales and marketing.

Amir Gershon

MSc, BSc, BEd, OCT
Teaching Mathematics of Finance, I have years of experience teaching at different levels and an MSc in Computational Physics.

Kerry Kotlarchuk

Bachelor of Commerce
I have been teaching for 19 years, including teaching in Asia for six years. I have travelled to more than thirty countries.

Sarrah Lal

MBA, MEng(c)
I currently work as an Assistant Professor in innovation and commercialization at Canada’s largest School of Medicine.

Dr. Navid Nazhand

I have more than 15 years of teaching and industry experience. I am a PMI member and PMP certified.

Dr. Adam Riggio

PhD in Philosophy
Ongoing real-world experience, research skills, and a critical eye toward modern business practice.

Dr. Pratibha Shalini

PhD in Economics
I have a PhD in Economics with 10 years+ experience in the Banking Industry. I will be teaching Managerial Economics.

Shamek Siddiqui

MSc in Operations
I have had top quality experience in the corporate business industries in the United States as well as internationally.

Dr. Bhumit Trivedi

Masters in HRM, PhD
I bring a rich experience in research and consulting serving diverse clients including manufacturing, non-profit and public sector.

Sarah Young

Executive MBA
Teaching MKTG 1000, Introduction to Marketing. I have 20 years industry experience managing global fashion brands.
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